The first letter of my friend

the first letter of my friend - thank you a lot :)

Yesterday my trip, my adventure, my au pair year started. I had the first stop in London Heathrow, but before this I had to say goodbye to my family. A few days before I said goodbye to my friends, and both goodbyes were so hard for me. Shortly before the gates I started crying. My mom was of course sad but she was a little bit relieved to see that leaving the family for one year wasn't that easy for me like it seemed before. But behind the gates I got to know other au pairs, which made me feel better. Then we went into the airplane. Our next destination was London Heathrow, where we also met more au pairs. After I got into the airplane  in London, I opened one of the gifts that gave me a really good friend. I know her since the kindergarden, since circa 16 years and she wrote me letters for every imgaginal situation. The first letter was for the flight. This letter was really great and her idea is such a cute one. While I was happy about the letter, I recognized a girl next to me - her name is Sophia - that also opened a gift of her friends. The gift was a "friendship book". While she was reading the book she sometimes smiled and sometimes she even laughed...These gifts or ideas were exactly what we needed, then we were about to leave our home for one year. These gestures shows us, that there is always someone, even when there are miles between us. I will miss my family and friends a lot but I know that they stand behind me, that they support me and that they will always be there for me. And knowing this makes the huge step to the USA a little bit easier...I love them all and I will never forget them! They are all really important for me and I hope that they know this. But after I landed in New York I had a really long bus ride to the school. The first day was exhausting and exciting and full of new impressions and persons, whose names I really have to learn, but now I go to bed. Talk to you soon, good night.


we landed in New York ;)