I've baked cupcakes...

Have you ever googled 'cupcakes'? Do it ;-) you will find so many photos of diverse ways to bake cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. Cupcakes with fruits or with cookies for the topping. Kinds of cupcakes you've never thought about. After seeing all those photos, you will definitely fall in love with the art to bake cupcakes and to arrange their toppings - just in case you weren't already in love with cupcakes ;-)
But let me show you today what kind of cupcakes I like.


I will show you step by step how I've made them. I got this recipe from my italian host mother. I went to Italy once with my italian school class and lived for one week (I guess it was one week) together with an italian family. I had a great time with the family, even though it was a little bit difficult for me to communicate, because I'm not really good at speaking italian. Haha. But the family were really nice and made it as easy as possible for me to integrate myself into their family. And this is one of the things I like about travelling. You will get to know so many new people and different ways of living and different ways of thinking, which is so interesting - and while travelling you will also learn a lot about yourself.
But back to my cupcakes ;-)

So the recipe is an italian one and acutally it was a recipe for oranges muffins but I changed a little bit the recipe and used strawberries instead of oranges and I used strawberry cream for the topping instead of chocolate sauce. First I was a little bit afraid that the cupcakes may included too many strawberries. Don't understand me wrong. I love strawberries, but I've put strawberries into the dough, into the cream for the topping AND I put one strawberry on each cupcake. And I didn't want the cupcakes only to taste like strawberries. But fortunately there weren't too many strawberries in and on the cupcake. Haha.

Because it was an italian recipe I didn't publish the recipe on the blog, but if anyone is interested, just ask me for the recipe, don't be shy ;-)
And now let me show you how you make cupcakes the way I like it - and did it.
step 1.
 step 2.
 step 3.

step 4.
and if you want, you can put chocolatesauce on the topping as well ;-)


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