Zurich, I love you :-)

Oh man, guys too much has changed in the last two weeks. I can't believe it. And I'm sorry that I haven't written earlier... Too many bad things happened to me but I won't tell you anything about it, I want to let this topic behind me and feel better again. Do you know what I've done to feel better? Well, I've booked a flight to Switzerland. It was a really spontanously action but I really wanted to meet my friend from Switzerland. I got to know her last summer in Los Angeles with another friend. Those two girls belong to the best things that happened to me last summer. My two California girls - I think we are a really good trio. We are still in contact even though everyone of us lives in a different city or country - friendship is so important for me and I would do a lot for my friends. So after a lot of horrible things happened to me I wanted to meet my friend in Switzerland, because I know how good I feel when we are hanging out together. Actually I wanted to see the other friend as well but she didn't have time for such a spontanous flight. Well I can understand this, it was really really spontanously - I think it was a little bit stressful for my friend in Switzerland. Haha, ops. If you read this, I hope you know how sorry I am!

But I had a wonderful weekend in Switzerland. It was my first time there and my friend lives really close to Zurich. Have you ever been to this city? Oh I think it is such a nice city and the lake there is so beautiful. Once we went up some stairs - don't ask me where this was, I'm still not sure, haha - and when we were upstairs we had such a great view all over the Zurich lake. I really liked it. And yes, Zurich has some old buildings but also a lot of modern and new buildings, which you wouldn't find in Münster. I had a lot of fun with my friend in Switzerland - I still could laugh about it, I guess she too, because she knows what I mean, haha. We had great hours together and even though the other friend couldn't meet us, she was there with us. In our mind. In our heart. And we made some videos for her to share the moments in Switzerland with her.

I know now why others have their vacation in Switzerland. Ok I only saw Zurich and the area close to it but I really liked it and it was exactly what I needed after I had so much stress. So guys if you will be ever in Switzerland, try to visit Zurich.

I can't wait to travel again, but at the moment I'm applying for a job and I hope I will get it. Wish me luck. ;-)


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