The challenge to pack the luggage for one year

photo taken with my iphone, so I'm sorry for the quality ;-)

Twelve months. One year.  And I have to pack my suitcase for this adventure. First of all let me show you my  closet. You can see a lot of clothes but these aren’t even all the clothes that I have, so after I’ve finished writing I will start to pack. Yes, one day before I will fly to the USA, I start to pack. The challenge to pack my luggage for one year is difficult enough, but hey maybe it is funnier when I only start one day before my departure. Silly of me to think this would be easier, haha. I’ve asked my airline how heavy my  suitcase can be.
23kg…ok challenge accepted! Haha.
But how can you pack your whole life into one suitcase? Can’t I just bring my closet and all the important stuff to the USA? For example the photos of friends are really important for me, and overall I have so many things in my room that involve memories, which are important for me. So how can I pack my life in one luggage for one year when I can’t pack everything? I’ve never stayed away from home for such a long time. The longest time was last year, when I stayed in California for four weeks. This was my first time in the USA – the time when I fell in love with this country. But this time I will live at the east coast, in Boston. And the first week I will go to school in New York. I’m really happy about this chance, and it is really cool that I can get to know the east coast this time. Actually I wanted to start packing circa a week before my departure. Then I changed my mind and I planned to pack two or three days before my departure and now I’m sitting in front of my laptop, one day before I fly to the USA and I’m writing this entry instead of packing. Haha. One of my friends commented my behavior with the following: “oh wow, you are relaxed! I would have started packing weeks before my departure!” Yes, maybe this is better, but it is so difficult for me to pack for one year. I have to leave so much at home and even though I can’t wait to go to the USA again, now I also become more and more sad. But I’m also happy. I will get to know the east coast and a new culture and I will spend so much time with my new family in America, with their little kids, and this makes me smile. I can’t wait to meet them in real and not only through skype. It’s so exciting. This year is such a big step for me and such a huge adventure, and I will leave Germany, my family and all my friends with a smiling and a sad eye. But now I have to start packing, but this wasn’t my last entry. I will write from America to let you partake you  in my au pair year. And finally I would like to say sorry for my English, I guess I made some mistakes, but hey I’m going to the USA not only to take care of kids but also to improve my English skills. So I hope I can reduce mistakes. Have a nice day!

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